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Sharknado returns with more laughs thanks to RiffTrax - see the July 15 encore

Sharknado returns thanks to RiffTrax - see the July 15 encore

Sharknado film as parodied by RiffTrax Live


One year ago, we wrote about the "Sharknado" sensation with the line: "never before has a Sy-Fy TV movie gone from the TV tube to the big screen." Well, it played in theaters again, but it was never better thanks to the quips, one-liners and barrage of shark-snarky comments from our RiffTrax heroes, "Mystery Science Theater 3000" vets Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. They not only joke-a-minuted a film that begs for the RiffTrax treatment, but they even pointed out more ridiculous moments in the film than a viewer would have otherwise noticed. They did their prep for this one, and it sure showed - the continuous laughter made it the ideal film fodder ripe for riffing.

Whether or not you saw "Sharknado" on TV, on DVD or in its limited theatrical run, run to your theater showing the encore RiffTrax presentation on July 15th.

The last time I experienced a RiffTrax Live film was their take on "The Night of The Living Dead." Some of the jokes were dead-on while many left me staring at the screen zombie-like. But I don't recall laughing so hard in a movie theater as I did in their "Sharknado" attack. As the sharks were falling from the sky, I was laughing so hard the tears were falling from my eyes.

In that same article a year ago I added prophetically, "It won't be long before we see "Sharknado 2" coming from the sky. We'll wait for "Guppytsunami" instead." Well, "Sharknado 2" is indeed coming soon, but don't miss the July 15 encore RiffTrax take on what some of us refer to as "Shlocknado."



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