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“Sharknado 2: The Second One’ review

The sequel
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Sharknado 2: The Second One


It’s raining seafood again. So “Jaws” ain’t got nothing on these rascals. Not only do the heavens open with a swarm of man-eating sharks, but fans of the campy sequel get treated to a reel full of cameo appearances. Yes, some of these “where are they now folks” are alive and kicking until they get eaten alive, kicking and screaming.

Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) and his ex but soon-to-be bride again, April Weaver (Tara Reid) are onboard an airplane traveling to New York to meet up with friends along with his sister and her family. Kelly Osbourne bites the dust or rather she gets early on in her scene as an attentive flight attendant. How can that be you ask? Sharks are flying in the air right along with the crew and passengers, that’s how.

This strange weather event is known as a sharknado – where a tornado forms while gathering up sharks and sending them crashing down to earth. Covering this breaking news is “The Today Show’s” Matt Lauer and Al Roker with Al delivering the most frightening forecast of his career. This violent storm (literally), this sharknado, is gearing up to take several bites out of New York(ers). You think you’re having some stormy weather. Imagine trying to survive under these conditions.

Anyway, Fin had to crash land the airplane because, you know, that whole feeding frenzy they had going on up there. Sadly, the ordeal cost April her left hand. She’s a good sport about it though. Normally, that’s the attitude you must have when starring in cheesy movies. Suck it up and keep it moving. There are monsters to slay. Well, in this case, sharks to be filleted by chainsaws or fried by electrical wiring. April is in good hands (no pun intended) at the hospital. With a medical staff like Billy Ray Cyrus for a doctor and Downtown Julie Brown for a nurse, who wouldn’t be?

Meanwhile, Fin finds his friends, one of whom becomes batgirl (Vivica A. Fox) to his batman until…well you can guess the outcome there. Of course, by the end of the movie Fin has saved the day and places an engagement ring on April’s right-hand ring finger.

As mentioned before, there is no shortage of well-known faces in this sure-to-make-the-B-Movie-Hall-of-Fame film. Tooling Fin and his friends around town is “Taxi’s” Judd Hirsch playing, what else, a cab driver. Andy Dick plays a cop. Robert Klein is the mayor and there are glimpses of Perez Hilton and Biz Markie to name a few. Pep from the female rap duo Salt N Peppa gets clobbered by a shark. Even Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan from “Live with Kelly and Michael” can’t escape these deadly jaws attacking their fair city. Actually, they do escape. Some of their audience members though aren’t so lucky.

Syfy bigwigs announced today that there will be a “Sharknado 3” which should make you wonder…is this other-worldly weather system following Fin Shepard around? After all, this all started in Los Angeles where he lives and when he shows up in New York City another sharknado shows up there too? Didn’t April say, “the shark looked at her as if it knew her?”

Any thoughts on what the next title should be or who should make a cameo appearance?

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