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Share The Magic Of The Season At The Santa Claus Museum In Santa Claus, IN

Discover The History Of Santa At The Santa Claus Museum
Discover The History Of Santa At The Santa Claus Museum
Melody Schubert

Santa Claus Museum


Located in the Kringle Place Shopping Center in Santa Claus, Indiana is a unique Museum dedicated to Santa. On our visit to the Santa Claus Museum we discovered a collection of Santa Claus figures dating back as early as the 1800's, which were one of our favorite exhibits. Also included in the exhibit are letters written to Santa, as well as a wonderful collection artifacts and photographs from Museum founder, Pat Koch’s, personal collection.

Did You Know? The town of Santa Claus was originally called Santa Fe. It's true, but because there was another city called Santa Fe, the leaders of the town had to pick another name. After discussing it, they came up with - you guessed it - Santa Claus!

We enjoyed reading about the story of the town, and the world famous Santa Claus Indiana Post Office that sends out letters from Santa each year. Also interesting is the history behind Holiday World & Splashin' Safari; a favorite for many families, which has rides, entertainment, and amazing waterpark, and much more to experience. In this section dedicated to Bill & Pat Koch you can view a video that shares more on the history of the town and Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

One of the exhibits in this Free Museum that inspired us to take a road trip through town was the one featuring the first Santa Claus Statue that is dedicated with love to all the children. A newer version of the beautiful statue can be found in front of the Santa Claus Town Hall. We found this statue just a short distance away, and also discovered the Santa’s Candy Castle, which has a variety of treats and sweets to sample. If you're visiting Santa Claus, Indiana be sure to drop in at the Santa Claus Museum to embrace the eternal spirit of love and joy that is Santa!

Plan Your Trip

The Santa Claus Museum is located at 41 North Kringle Place in Santa Claus. To learn more about the Museum call (812) 937-2687 or visit

To discover all the festive events taking place in Santa Claus, Indiana, and take advantage of the special discount lodging packages available throughout Spencer County, Indiana visit or call the Visitors Bureau at (888) 444-9252.