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'Shall We Dance'

The book of love has much in it. In fact, that's where music comes from.


By Julie D. Griffin

The star of 'Shall We Dance' enjoys going downtown much the same way his character during the film came alive while riding a tram to the dance hall for lessons.
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Its' not true that I don't want anything ~ Richard Gere

A million dollars and a half, people ride the road to the office of the man and only hope things all turn out well with the paperwork. But, you sign at the bottom, you look up, smile and that's it - Richard Gere plays a husband who has lived a whole lifetime for his wife and child. And although a man who makes legal paperwork for who gets what, the words of his own wife make him begin to think about what might make him happy. Gere spots Mitzi's Dance School from the tram and the way the place all lit up with red and neon amidst a land of dry cleaning and do not forget to pick up this and that on the way home, he watches as the glowing ballroom sign goes by as he goes by on the moving compartment.

Ms. Mitzi's Ballroom Dance School

5th Floor

Feel Free To Watch

The young girl at the rap club, his son and he asks her, do you want to dance? And suddenly, he knows it is not just a few times a year as extramarital love affair seems the first thing you think of. The man truly and really only wants to dance. The blond woman figures out theory. The overweight man was going to lose some weight first, and then pop the question. She, the lawyer taking dance classes tells no one that his clients keep secrets ~ But as his wife, explains over dinner to the detective what she thinks about the union of holy matrimony. People get married because your life will not go unnoticed and we will be a witness to the lives of others. "Mrs. Clark. I was right. You are a romantic." Wed. 7:30 for 8 weeks ~ The perfect rue of the New Year resolutions. Rumba. Her loving husband though does seem happier. It seems like at first he is only thinking of having an affair, but that as the dance lessons progress he is able to work through the process of deciding against. Swish. But fancy pants.

The rest is up to you, I tell my clients, narrates Gere self-talking to himself on the tram on the way to his secret dance class. Those that know finally buy that boat, or move to that island. In short, you should do what you think you are supposed to do. Dance. And at about Couple 126, the sense of everything being out on the table. Shall we dance? The book of love has much in it. In fact, that's where music comes from ~ I love it when you sing to me, you can sing me anything.

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