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Shakeaway brings high-priced disappointment to San Diego

Trying the Dave at Shakeaway La Jolla
Cassandra Altmann

Shakeaway La Jolla


The United Kingdom's Shakeaway milk shake bar arrived in San Diego with two franchise locations in La Jolla and Pacific Beach this summer. With over 180 flavours to mix and match, Shakeaway offers patrons endless options to create the milk shake of their dreams or try one of Shakeaway's unique combinations. From Skittle Sours to Kinder Bueno, there is a little bit of everything for everybody.

Despite the selection, Shakeaway falls short of a quality product which are priced at $4.99 for a regular and $5.99 for a large both of which are a vanilla ice cream based shake with your choice of one mix-in. Nine out of ten, you probably want more than one mix-in which are an additional $1.49 and if thick shakes are your favorite then add another $0.69 and soon enough you will be sipping a $7+ shake made of standard ice cream and a stomach ache of regret.

The problem is that at $7 or even $6 a pop, one's expectations hope for quality ingredients and a memorable experience instead of a sweet cold shake that is reminiscent of a generic brand ice cream thrown in a blender with your kid's leftover Halloween candy.

Fruit smoothies are the alternative served up hoping to entice the health-minded customers as well as those looking for a milky treat. In case patrons need a salty nibble to balance out the sweet, fries are also offered at the establishment. Seemingly a perfect pairing (think Wendy's fries and Frosty), Shakeaway's fries look delectable and taste like they fries baked up from a frozen Ore-Ida potatoes. Although, there's nothing wrong with baking rather than frying the potatoes, there is something wrong with fries that aren't at all crispy on the outside.

Since it has only been a month since the two locations opened, there's still time for them to work out some kinks to create higher quality product and experience to live up to the $5+ price tag.