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Shake: Boulder Beer

Shake from Boulder Beer
Shake from Boulder Beer
Christopher Bruns

Shake Chocolate Porter


Conventional wisdom would have beer geeks believe that, when the weather gets warmer, the beer gets lighter. It’s a decent rule of thumb; it doesn’t make much sense to drink Russian imperial stouts on the Fourth of July because the beer doesn’t fit the occasion. It’s like wearing sunglasses at night or jeans to the beach—beer, like clothing, is best when suited to the context. There are always exceptions, though, and for summertime dark beer drinking, it doesn’t get any better than Shake Chocolate Porter (5.9% ABV) from Boulder Beer.

Color: A deep, deep chestnut brown, Shake sports a light coffee-colored head of foam.

Aroma: Chocolate porter, indeed! Big milk chocolate whiffs with no indication of roasted malts, no black coffee scent. It’s just smooth, decadent chocolate.

Taste: After one sip it becomes clear how this beer got its name—it tastes just like a chocolate milk shake! No roasted or toasted flavors, its chocolate cake batter in a more liquefied form. There’s a hint of lingering cocoa in the aftertaste that develops into a slightly bitter cocoa nib flavor.

Mouthfeel: Shake is a touch less viscous than an actual milkshake but it’s still a bit hefty. Anything but dry, Shake leaves the mouth salivating.

What’s more refreshing on a sweltering day than a nice, cool milkshake? How about one with a little alcohol in it? At the next backyard BBQ, pool party, or outdoor celebration, break up the monotony in the cooler; alongside those Pilsners and wheat beers, stick in a few Shakes and toast to the dark-side of summer.

Shake is available in most Denver-area liquor stores.