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Sexy Actress Vicki Marie Taylor Recovers From Health Scare…

Vicki Marie Taylor & Richard Hatch
Vicki Marie Taylor

Celebrity giving back


(Los Angeles, CA) Beautiful model/actress/vixen Vicki Marie Taylor takes a bit of a punch with a recent health scare. Vicki Marie is a hot news topic, she has recently appeared in the March issue of Star Magazine and was mentioned on the hit Fox News show “Red Eye” where Kevin Sorbo talks about looking forward to the release and distribution of “Alongside Night” (with Vicki Marie). Other recent work includes: “Return to Nuke Em High Part 2” in which she plays Tro Gasm girl alongside Ron Jeremy and other talented Tromaville actors. Vicki Marie also known as Corina Taylor is currently recouping after suffering from a sudden onset of symptoms requiring her to receive medical attention and a blood transfusion however after being listed for several days in serious condition, the beautiful fighter, was released and is now home with her daughter.

Taylor looks forward to meeting fans at the upcoming 2015 Cons and her next magazine spread that will be featured in 2015. She also has an upcoming interview with Mr. Skin himself.

Vicki Marie started her career after being hand picked out of thousands of beautiful women by Larry Flynt, appearing on the Howard Stern Show, being featured in tabloids and is now working on building her machine for her world stage. She is a single mom with a beautiful and supporting daughter. Taylor unfortunately lost her mom to a rare disease in 2012 in which Taylor wishes to raise awareness for this very rare and crippling disease called Crest Diffuse Scleroderma. For more information please visit: Taylor wrote an article about her mom and it is featured on the foundation's website. She is also planning on becoming more actively involved with film projects in her community. In Taylors own words "the arts are crucial in keeping the imagination alive in an increasingly modern world."

For more information please visit or leave her well wishes via social media through her twitter handle Victoriataylor9 ! Taylor says her strong spirituality and fans pulled her through this last wave of scary events and encourages everyone to look forward to the release of her next projects in the coming months as she gets back on her feet following this set back! Vicki Marie sends blessings to everyone reading this article and all of her fans!

Twitter @victoriataylor9
Official website:

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