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‘Sex Tape’ (No Spoiler) Review

Sex Tape


Disclaimer:‘Sex Tape’s’ humor is intended for people who have been married and/or had children through infancy. That is not to say that others won’t enjoy it, just that it’ll be harder to relate; that having been said, here’s the skinny.

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The premise of the story is in the title as well as all of the trailers, synopses, and outlines that you have seen. A couple looking (Cameron Diaz an Jason Segal) looking to “rediscover that spark” in the bedroom make a sex tape. As it would happen, it accidently gets sent to a number of people not intended to receive it.

Their Friends (played by Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper) find themselves involved in the “cover up” and hijinks ensue aplenty…

Rob Lowe and Jack Black give excellent supporting performances as does Harrison Holzer, a young actor, who steals every scene that he’s in.

The story is pretty straightforward, but some of the developments are unexpected and have the audience laughing. However, nothing is enough (for a single guy with no kids anyway) to make me want to see it again. But, like I said at the opening, if you have experienced those things, you could very well find yourself admonishing me for not swearing by it.

Too each his own I guess…

At the close, I would like to thank Epic Theaters for their providing a very amiable theater in which to view this (and other) movies and recommend that you go to one of their several local locations for your next cinematic experience.

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