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‘Sex Tape’ lacks marriage insight, but makes up for it in laughs

Sex Tape


Even in middle age, after the babies are sleeping in the bed with mom and dad, during the fight for careers and time to comb your own hair mommies and daddies can rebel against their responsibilities like their teenage counterparts for drug use and wild sex.

Much like “Neighbors” earlier this year, “Sex Tape” is a comedy film asking the big “middle aged, married couple” question.

How do we get it back?

Starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as Annie and Jay, a couple who began their love affair with explosive, unpredictable sex, “Sex Tape” sets up the plot by addressing that phenomenon of marrieds -- the “we used to have sex all the time until we got married” phenomenon.

It is a hot topic, how to reintroduce the spice back into a mundane routine and keep the appearance of a clean middle class family.

Annie and Jay solve this problem by making a sex tape one night during those rare evenings without the kids. Pandemonium breaks as that tape finds its way into the possession of friends, neighbors and potential employers.

“Sex Tape” has an intriguing premise, but like “Neighbors” before it abandons the mission and opts for joke after joke. The motivation to retrieve the footage is weak as the goal is just an excuse for the couple and their friends to go about the night delivering visual punchline after visual punchline.

But that is the worst thing about the movie. If the goal is to see an emotionally poignant comedy about being married with children, then this is not the movie to see. But, if having a couple of beers and a couple of hours of uproarious laughter is enough, then “Sex Tape” is the way to go.

Cameron Diaz looks incredible and we see every inch of her to be sure. Ladies, don’t be scared, but Segel doesn’t skimp on the nudity either. Not bad. And Rob Corddry is as sexy as ever and rounds a supporting ensemble that includes an appropriately cast Rob Lowe.

Tons of silliness, lots of sex and some inappropriate humor that kind of makes us feel guilty for enjoying, but is so funny we just can’t help it makes “Sex Tape” the kind of movie that will be great for guys and girls of a certain age and experience. The raunchy, thirty-something comedy is gaining momentum and with this one proves it’s here to stay.

See it, but pretty please, don’t take your kids.

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