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'Sex Tape' is a surprisingly good comedy

Sex Tape movie poster
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Sex Tape


One of the campaigns used to promote the new comedy "Sex Tape" which opens today, July 18, is "From the people who brought you 'Bad Teacher'..." Not the best way to go since that was hardly a good movie. Cameron Diaz was not funny in it, Jason Segel was not funny in it and director Jake Kasdan hardly delivered any laughs. It does not make one too excited for this new comedy. However, as it turns out, not only is this movie pretty funny throughout, it also has a plot.

Annie and Jay (Diaz and Segel) met in college and got married soon after. They had a couple of kids and now have a "normal" marriage. Part of that means is that they hardly ever have sex anymore (while it was the two's favorite activity before they got married). One night, when they have the house to themselves, they decide to spice things up by making a sex tape. It was a great time for both until they discover that instead of the video being erased it was uploaded to the "cloud" and it will not be long before all their family, friends and associates see it. Unless, they can find a way to get all the copies back.

On the surface, it looks like this will be a one note joke type of movie. You know the humor is going to be raunchy, there will be a whole lot of cursing in the movie and it will probably feel played out before the first half hour is up. You would be wrong to make that assumption. Instead, not only do you get plenty of laughs, they come in all forms, from the dialogue, physical comedy and sometimes just an image on the screen can make you laugh out loud.

If you are married then it is possible you will relate to the movie more than single people. The movie will be enjoyed by everyone, but you can understand how there are some "married" jokes in there. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are great together (they were not in "Bad Teacher"). Not only are they believable as a "typical" married couple, but the writing in the movie is really good. The dialogue is smart and sounds real. This time round Jake Kasdan weaves together a story that is not just about two people sharing a silly adventure together, trying to get these videos back, but it is about a married couple who come to realize that they do have other problems in their life. Their love for one another has not faded, but there is still work ahead of them to make this team work.

"Sex Tape" can get a little talky at times, but that is easily forgivable. It can be very cute, but the humor may not be for everyone. If you have seen any of the ads for it, you should know what you are getting into, so there should be no surprises. The summer movie season has been littered with disappointments and "Sex Tape" looked to be another one, but instead it wound up being one of the diamonds in the rough. It is Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use.