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Seventh Moon 第七月亮

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The gates of Hell flow through the wicked dead who live alive, as one American girl tries to save them both.


By Julie D. Griffin

Yul and Melissa spend a honeymoon together and while on tour find out that sometimes certain times of the year predict the release of ghosts for only an astrological period of time. After Ping, the driver gets lost during a drive on the way to the family home for her to meet the family of her new groom for the first time, he does not come back from the village. Yul embarks down the village trail with his new bride to find Ping. They examine the fresh gifts for the dead, but find no human people. 他们研究了新鲜的礼物死了,但找不到人的人。

After what sounds as the ghosts of many, echo back to the Chinese inquiry of Yul mocking him about his inquiries of where Ping went within the family home compound, his bride upset demands for the two of them to get into the car and leave. “我知道,我知道。五分钟以上,然后我们转身,”答应她的新郎。 After the radio voice warns them of a blood sacrifice for the ghosts, she the wife suggests that the radio tower must be located close by. Of course, is this possible? Or is this just another manufacture of the mad ghosts during the season of same. And while other family homes and compounds know to place the sacrifice of animals outside of the farms and homes at this time, even making some bound and tagged just for the purpose, after the two flee only to find themselves a mud bound auto away, he wanders who slaughters a pig in the middle of the night. It is not just China weird he says, it is weird, weird. 他们来了"They are coming," warns the man they hit with the car, who she attempts to put inside of the car to save. The three begin to travel on foot through the boonies to escape the travail upon the soul of human ghosts, who only seemed dead only moments ago. Very much alive though, the creatures of terror make the guest onboard with them justifiably fearful.

A bone chiller of a film, the man warns the couple through mutters about the moon demons. Amy Smart faces the time of the seventh lunar month, as the gates of Hell open and the spirits of the dead free to roam for a time among the living. And as most oriental belief about ghosts, normally the ghosts of the good family dead while spoken to and kindly offered food, flowers and gifts at times and a time, sometimes wicked people use ghosts to hurt the good. From the film makers of the same director of The Blair Witch Project, Evil Dead Trilogy, Haxan Films, Paradiso Home Entertainment, Rok Americas, Seventh Moon Partners and Ghost House Underground, some ghost and horror films know that the real nightmare while definitely those who living people even enjoyably abused, also looks at the problem of those who born with hearts already ripped out, also a greater danger to the world now and later. Rated R.


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