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Serving America's coffee lovers, "JOCO CUPS"



The Australians are invading America! Well, not exactly. Covering 2014’s Coffee Expo in NYC, I has the pleasure of meeting Matthew and Greg who are revolutionizing the way people are drinking their their coffee/tea with the JOCO CUP. A new concept that hopes to break an old habit of people drinking warm beverages with the traditional paper/Styrofoam cups. As the increase of both cup expenses and garbage removal increase year after year, JOCO Cups is the best solution for shop owner and customers to cut cost and be environmental friendly.

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JOCo Cups

Over the course of just one year, 2.25 billion paper cups and revenues are thrown away for trash by coffee/tea drinkers alone. People look for ways to be more conscientious about the environment. JOCO cups offer an innovative way to lessen the amount of garbage generated and look hip and trendy. No longer will people be the enemy of the environment but rather an ally to Mother Earth who will thank you for it and feel a little better about ourselves.

JOCO CUPS come in vibrant array of assorted colors and range from an 8, 12, and 16 oz. cup sizes. Each cup made from Borosilicate glass and a Thermal Silicone Sleeve and Lid. It is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. It is food safe and is BPA and Lead-Free. Each JOCO cup comes with a cylinder shape cardboard package that offer endless applications for owner to use. JOCO cups makes a great gift for herbal tea/ java drinkers out there. So the next time you’re in need of a warm brew, rather than drink of out of an ordinary cup, why not take your JOCO cup for the ride and taste the difference.

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