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Seriously, Go Watch '50k and a Call Girl: A Love Story' Now


50k and a Call Girl: A Love Story


50k and a Call Girl: A Love Story tells the tale of Ross, a tumornal cancer patient with only weeks to live. His brother, Seth, has been documenting Ross's tale since he was first diagnosed and wants Ross to go out happy. Seth coerces Ross into doing whatever he wants with 50,000 that he has had saved up for his wedding with his fiance, Lauren. Ross agrees and Lauren, though mad, understands and forces herself along with the guys for Ross's final shebang. Things become more complicated though when Ross brings along Carly, a call girl, who is being paid to be Ross's girlfriend for the remainder of the trip.

First off, acting. The thing that can make or break an independent film like this. Surprise! It doesn't. At all. All across the board the roles are extremely well done. Not one person stands out over the other as everyone shines. Ross Patterson is great as someone trying to deal with his depressingly escalating situation. Jessie Wiseman is fantastic as Carly, the call girl that consistently wonders 'Why Me?' Seth Grossman does an amazing job as Ross's brother, coping with a dying family member. And Lauren Aboulafia will be the understated one here, playing the straight man who is doing what she can for her fiance while still being understandably mad at him at the same time. Everyone understands their roles and plays them extremely down to earth like your watching something homemade on Youtube.

The story was fantastic and deserves mentioning. Yes, throughout 2/3rd of the film it is your typical, 'person with fatal disease falls in love, lives life to the fullest, comes to learn to love and appreciate life' film but what really sets it apart from the pack was the last third of it that flipped it around and not only questions the plot and characters motivations of what preceded it, but it makes you want to watch it again with a completely different perspective on things. It's something that might hit home if you've ever been in a situation with an ailing family member.

With all this praise though, there are a few minor things that did hold it back a bit. For instance, when some of the scenes feel like they need to have that dramatic oomph of human emotion, there is a lying undertone of music that is louder than it should be and kind of kills the mood. It also ends abruptly. That is not a bad thing at all but it feels like it's lacking something instead of a 'well, here ya go' feel. Maybe upon a second viewing that changes. And Carly's backstory, though extremely sad and mortifying feels too quickly passed up as something huge that happened to her growing up is just kind of brushed off. And this is not a criticism in anyway but the film could have been longer and it wouldn't have been a bother.

Overall, 50k and a Call Girl: A Love Story is a film that you seriously need to go shelve out for. With it's well done acting, directing, story, and heart in the right place, it's a film that deserves to be seen by a wider audience. So if you've caught up on your Oscar nominated films or not, go check this little indie flick out. You won't regret it.

It's available now on iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Playstation,Vudu and many other VOD services.

As always, that's my opinion, what's yours?

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