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Serious protection from OtterBox

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Commuter Series phone case by OtterBox


Last month, I got a chance to check out the Commuter phone case by OtterBox. Since this was my first OtterBox experience, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I did know that I was looking for something to fortify my brand new, and particularly pricey HTC One. The first impression it makes, with its multilayered approach to protection, is one of being very serious about safeguarding that around which it is wrapped.

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As with many first impressions, this first impression was right on. The inner layer of the case is a pliable, almost squishy silicone that, on its own, would be adequate to protect whatever handheld device it gets wrapped around but, of course, OtterBox didn’t stop there. The outer layer of this sanctuary sandwich is a tight-fitting polycarbonate shell. This is the same material that many varieties of crash helmets are made of. If polycarbonate is robust enough to be used to keep your brains off the pavement, then it is probably going to do a good job at keeping the innards of a 5-ounce phone intact.

One layer that has not been mentioned here is the clear, self-adhering screen protector. The reason for this omission is due in part to personal preference, but mostly because the inner silicone layer protrudes beyond the hard polycarbonate shell in a raised, chamfered lip that does a very good job of keeping the 4.7 inches of Corning Gorilla Glass from coming into contact with anything. Based on the quality of the other materials of the Commuter, I am sure it is a great screen protector, but I just couldn’t be bothered to apply it.

Beyond any doubt, the Commuter by OtterBox is built to be as close to bombproof as possible. It is utterly unfazed by headers onto hardwood and cement floors, tumbles down flights of stairs, and skittering trips across whatever surface it gets skittered across. For more information about the Commuter, or any OtterBox case, click here.

**Full disclosure: This phone case was provided at no cost for editorial consideration.