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Series: Flavored 'Shine - Midnight Moon Strawberry Review

A bottle of Midnight Moon Strawberry 'shine.

Midnight Moon Strawberry 'Shine


Today we'll again be examining a very old tradition come new hot product on the market, flavored day shine. Now, you may be asking yourself now, why did he use the phrase "day shine?" Well, moonshine is named after an adage that those folks crazy enough to be distilling illegally might say, "done by the shine of the moon." This method was intended to keep the authorities from being notified of what was going on at the site of a clandestine distillery. What is being reviewed here today and in future articles in this on-going series is a legitimate commercial product, thus it can be distilled in broad daylight, hence "day shine."


Taken from my review of Midnight Moon's Apple Pie 'shine: "Midnight Moon Apple Pie is a neutral grain spirit product, similar to a vodka, at its base distilled from corn ethanol. It is produced in Madison, NC by Piedmont Distillers. This makes it different from other brands in this category, which typically use corn whiskey or white dog bourbon as a base." As this is also produced by Junior Johnson's distillery, the above still holds true, although this product has actual strawberries soaking in it, is triple distilled, and is bottled at 50 percent.

The nose of this product is unabashedly rife with the redolence of fresh strawberries that have been in this bottle since inception. It is difficult to tell that there is even any ethanol present other than the tingle it gives your nose. The flavor is sweet and light, with the aforementioned fruit assaulting the senses, giving way to a few notes of brown sugar and honey. A word of caution though, as with the Ole Smoky Cherry 'shine, the strawberries are much stronger than someone might guess. Pick up a bottle at your local area Spec's for around 17 dollars.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Suggested Tasting Method: Straight


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