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Sensorpedic Foldout Z Pad: Luxury camping sleep pad at its finest

Sensorpedic Foldout Z Pad:  Luxury camping sleep pad at its finest
Sensorpedic Foldout Z Pad: Luxury camping sleep pad at its finestPhoto courtesy of Sensorpedic

Sensorpedic Foldout Z Pad


The Sensorpedic Foldout Z Pad is a sleek tri-fold sleeping pad with supportive 3-inch memory foam fill for comfort. The sleeping pad fits nicely in a tent or a camper and will help you get a good night’s rest in order to take on the outdoor activity planned for your camping trip.

With the 3-inch memory foam fill, you don’t need to worry about waking up with aches and soreness from a semi-deflated mattress or one that doesn’t have enough support for your body. The Z Foldout Pad is 35” x 75” and has a strap for easy transport and storage. The outside vinyl cover makes for easy cleaning. If you’re in an RV or camper, you can use the Z Foldout in multiple positions if you want to sit up and read or watch some TV.

The Foldout Z Pad kind of lures you in to just lay down on it when you see it. For someone who’s accustomed to a compact roll-up self-inflatable pad, I was immediately curious as to how the comfort and support was with the Z Pad. Let’s just say I could’ve easily taken a nap on the pad right then and there. Of course, it does take a little more space as far as packing room since it doesn’t roll up into a compactable shape, but the comfort is fantastic.

Setup of the sleeping pad takes a few mere seconds since it only requires you to unfold it and lay it out. No matter how uneven or bumpy the ground is where your tent is set up, the Z Pad covers it nicely and allows for a cozy sleeping area in the great outdoors. There are no worries of deflation since the padding is memory foam and not air, and there’s no uneven pressure on certain parts of the body even while lying on your side. I do have a higher end self-inflatable sleeping pad that does pretty well avoiding pressure points, but I must admit I felt like I was camping in luxury with the Z Pad.

The Sensorpedic Foldout Z Pad is definitely a cushy sleeping pad to take on a car camping trip. It’s not for those that are looking to do a few days hiking and staying in the backcountry, but if you plan on car camping for a few days or just heading out for a weekend and sleeping at a friend’s house on the floor, the Foldout Z Pad will treat you nicely and help you get a good night’s rest and wake up refreshed for some great outdoor adventure.

The Sensorpedic Foldout Z Pad is available at your local Macy’s store and retails at $200.00.