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Self-titled LP by The Vagoos

Self-titled album by The Vagoos


The opinion of today's garage rock explosion is pretty much split up into two very distinct groups: those who are down on the whole scene and think it should have been left in the '60s where it began, and those who are utterly stoked about it and fully support its resurgence in recent years. Now, having pointed that out, like any genre or subgenre, there are plenty of good bands and bad bands scattered throughout the current garage-punk scene. One of the decidedly notable bands, Rosenheim, Germany's The Vagoos, have dropped their debut self-titled LP on Off Label Records.

Debut full-length record by garage-punk band The Vagoos
courtesy of Off Label Records

This record is made up of twelve killer tracks marked by a sound that is just outside of the trash scene, as it is a little tighter and slightly less fuzz-drenched than the material usually found there. For the most part, The Vagoos songs are marked by garage rock, psych pop, surf punk and rockabilly. Imagine the surfy, rockabilly, cinematic quality of The Creepniks and the Red Elvises, together with elements of other worthwhile garage rock bands like Lynx Lynx and The Future Primitives, together with '80s garage bands like The Gories and The Gruesomes.

Side A of The Vagoos offers such standout tracks as "The Devil & Me," "La Califata," and "Cease," while Side B gives us "Not Like You," "Deaf Boy," "Abu-Dhabi Blues." Each is a good song for its own reasons, and each is a credit to the album. Then again, I would go as far as to say that all of the songs on this one are a credit to it.

To get an idea of what The Vagoos are all about, check out the video attached to this review. It is the official video of The Vagoos song "Cease" from the new album.