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See where the infection began with ‘Cabin Fever: Patient Zero’

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Cabin Fever Patient Zero


When Eli Roth burst onto the scene with his 2002 film Cabin Fever it cemented him as a horror icon, but the film didn’t seem like one that would be more than just a one off film. After the success of that film a straight to DVD sequel was produced in 2009 and despite its flaws still managed to find an audience. With the latest entry into the franchise, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero they are taking it back to where it all began, but can it bring something new to the series or should they just quarantine it once and for all?

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero follows a group of friends who think they're going to the perfect spot for a bachelor party; a secluded private island. They quickly learn the island is not as private as they thought and is home to a lab thought to be empty, but in actuality a deadly, extremely fast acting, flesh eating virus has just escaped containment. Now everyone on the island has to fight not only to survive the outbreak, but also to survive each other. While the majority of the cast are relative unknowns it does feature Sean Astin as Patient Zero to get things into motion. With the exception of some of the Astin sequences, the first half of the film is pretty slow and all over the place. It takes a bit to find its groove, but once it gets down to the infected gory fun it manages to be pretty entertaining. The acting itself isn’t all that great which isn’t a big surprise for this film, but thankfully the make-up effects and gory moments are great. There is one moment in particular featuring two women fighting that is sure to please all the gore hounds out there and is the highlight of the film.

This is far from a perfect film and one that will likely not work for most, but it serves as a decent rental and prequel to the original film. If you enjoyed the original film or even the Ti West directed sequel then travel back to where it all started and check out Cabin Fever: Patient Zero when it hits shelves on September 2nd.