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See a side to Charles Dickens you might have not known in 'The Invisible Woman'

The Invisible Woman


"The Invisible Woman" tells the tale of the romance between Charles Dickens and his young mistress, Ellen "Nelly" Ternan. It stars Felicity Jones as Nelly and Ralph Fiennes as Dickens. Fiennes also directed the film.

The film is Ralph Fiennes' second directorial effort and it's a great one. "The Invisible Women" moves as a deliberately slow place, filled with wide, long shots, which allow the viewer to take everything in. Fiennes really allows Jones to take center stage here as the viewer experiences and feels everything through her eyes.

A different Dickens than usual is presented in "The Invisible Woman." Here, he's still kind and charismatic but also self centered, vain, and cruel. This is especially demonstrated through the scenes he shares with Joanna Scanlan as Mrs. Dickens.

"The Invisible Woman" is a fine costume biographical drama that captures the life of one of history's most famous authors. It's certainly a must see, Hartford. It's currently not playing near Hartford but it is playing an hour and a half away in Newburgh, NY at Downing Film Theatre. See it before it ends February 20th!