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Secret war between neocons and big oil leading to the Iraq War

Armed Madhouse


Greg Palast was voted the network reporter of the year by Guerrilla Network and many journalists call him the top investigative journalist in America. Noam Chomsky says he upsets all the right people with his writing. In "Armed Madhouse," Palast outlines the secret cold war between the neo-conservatives at the Pentagon and the State Department and Big Oil. If you wondered if 911 was an inside job or not, you will want to read books by Greg Palast. Palast won a 'Project Censored' award from California State University Journalist School. His famous BBC's "Document 199-I and The FBI’s Words to Chill The Soul" video brings new meaning to conspiracy theorists on this 50th year anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

Top investigative journalist in America

Greg Palast thinks that the video of Osama bin Laden boasting of masterminding the attack is authentic, but many say it's a photoshopped video to indict bin Laden.

The players that he outlines in the book are key political leaders like James Baker III, who was the Secretary of State for George Bush Sr., who he claims told Saddam Hussain to invade Kuwait and that he would retain the oil monopoly. Then there is Ken Lay from the James Baker III Institute issuing a year-long plan to occupy Iraq with Grover Norquist heading the Congress to okay the sell off of all the state assets.

Enter Ari Cohen speaking for the Heritage Foundation and the neo-cons and their call to privatize the oil and destroy OPEC and the Saudi influence lead by Ronald Rumsfeld, Deputy to the Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, Perle, and others. As Operation Iraqi Freedom commenced, Paul Wolfowitz told everyone that the oil would be free and to make sure that Iraqi's did not destroy oil wells.

Jay Garner,who is a three-star general is fired by Rumsfeld because he wouldn't sell off the oil and promote swift elections. Jerry Bremer replaces Garner to cancel elections and elect Ahmad Chalabi who fires the pro-state and OPEC supporters and there is a selling off of the Iraqi banks and changing copyright laws. Those actions brought 60% unemployment and the insurgency fueled by poverty and occupation. Enter Houston's big oil men, Carrol and McKee of Haliburton and Shell Oil to re-establish the state oil monopoly. Baker's Institute developed the reinstatement of the state oil with a good relationship with OPEC.

Dick Cheney sides with Big Oil over the neocons and enter Negroponte with Wolfowitz gone, the Council on Foreign Relations deem that the Baathists would be in charge of the oil monopoly and have OPEC saved from the inevitable doom. Oil reserves from the top 5 oil companies increase their value by over $2 trillion because of the $50 a barrel price tag.

Then in 2005, Negroponte is replaced by PNAC (Project for a New American Century), Kalizad Chalabi with the Shiites in charge and he fires big oil. OPEC is no longer threatened nor is oil privitization and the oil increases to $60 a barrel.

There are many more surprises about the money and paper trail in the book including who stands to profit from what political decisions and for what benefit. Lots of people try to connect the dots in different ways, but they are not always successful.

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