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Secret Sweater: Must-have for chilly travelers

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Secret Sweater

Secret Sweater


If you have a tendency to get cold while you’re traveling, Secret Sweater is a great fashion accessory that can help you stay warm while looking great on the road (or in the air, or in a train…).

Staying Warm On-the-Go

Even during the warmest months of the year, it’s not uncommon for people to get chilly during trips. When you’re traveling – whether for work or leisure – one thing you don’t typically have sole control over is the thermostat in your mode of transportation. For cold-natured travelers, this often means choosing between shivering uncomfortably or donning a bulky sweatshirt or wrapping up in a blanket. Secret Sweater provides a more fashionable – and packable – solution to ward off your chills.

Bundling up might be okay if you’re piled in the car with your family, but not so much when you are on a business trip or traveling by air or another method of public transportation. Secret Sweater is a great option for these situations. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, looks nice over many lightweight tops and can easily be hidden away under other types of tops (to keep you warm while staying out of sight).

How Secret Sweater Works

Secret Sweater is basically a half-sweater, which is what allows you to put it on over lightweight clothing to ward off chills while also being able to layer it beneath business wear for added warmth without impacting your look by adding unsightly bulk.

The garment:

  • Features ¾” sleeves, a full back, and an open front design (which is the feature that allows it to be worn under suit jackets and other structured tops without detection)
  • Comes with its own storage pouch that will easily fit in most medium-size or larger purses, as well as briefcases, backpacks, gym bags, carry-on luggage, car glove compartment, etc., so you can easily carry it with you anywhere

This unique garment is made from a super-soft feeling cotton and modal blended interlock knit, which is how it is able to help warm you up without adding bulk to what you’re wearing. For chilly travelers who want to stay comfortable while looking great, and who prefer not to have to haul along bulky items when the season doesn’t call for them, Secret Sweater is truly a terrific choice.

Secret Sweater retails for $39.95 and can be ordered directly from and Amazon.

Note: Secret Sweater provided me with a sample of this product that was used for this independent review. The opinions presented here are my own.