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'Secret State' DVD Review

DVD Review: Secret State
DVD Review: Secret StateYahoo Images

Secret State


British Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins (Gabriel Byrne) has the duty of investigating the plane crash of the Prime Minister which goes down under dubious circumstances. The PM had just been at the headquarters of an American Petrochemical Company called PetroFex. The PM was there to secure compensation for 19 people who died in a tragic industrial explosion. The safety procedures at the plant had come into question and the PM had secured the funds when on the way back his plane crashed into the Atlantic. The Deputy Prime Minister now has the task of answering all the questions. Here is another problem he is facing a general election at the same time. The Chief Whip John Hodder (Charles Dance) is backing Dawkins for the job as new Prime Minister. The problem is that you get the feeling that Dawkins is in a little over his head and really doesn't want it.

Dawkins gets involved more and more into both tragedies when it seems that they are tied together. He is constantly getting nowhere with PetroFex as they are always standing in the way of the investigations

'Secret State' has its good moments. It is political conspiracy at its bests. Of course the story wouldn't be what it is without the ever daunting journalist who is looking for that perfect story. Ellis Kane (Gina McKee) has that duty of trying to find out all the dirty secrets of the industrial accident as well as the Prime Ministers plane crash and any little secret that Tom Dawkins may have that will keep him from being elected Prime Minister.

This series is filled with political intrigue so you better stay on your toes or you could get lost in the story. Don't fret every so often our star reporter pops up and unravels all that is going on and keeps us abreast of everything. It's done in an enjoyable way as to not make you feel like an idiot for missing something.

Acorn is bringing 'Secret State' to DVD for us on July 29, 2014. The DVD is of excellent quality. The audio and visual are top notch. So that you really don't miss anything of the story. This is one of those series that you will want to include in your personal DVD library. So take the time, find a copy, and make the time to enjoy some excellent political intrigue.