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Season Five: Covert Affairs - Shifting Gears

Season Five Covert Affairs
Season Five Covert AffairsUSA

Covert Affairs Season Five


Annie Walker returns to blonde hair and domestic assignments but that’s about all that’s similar to earlier seasons. A mission in Chicago seems to be the thread for U.S. based assignments when CIA ops are killed in a bombing.
Annie seems to be treading on uneasy ground with her return and possibly she is not totally trusted returning after a hiatus which saw her kill arch nemesis Henry Wilcox. Lies regain her status as agent and a guarded attitude toward Auggie seem to initiate turbulent waters ahead.
We don’t know what illness she is suffering when she treats herself to a needle and a phone call to a mysterious doctor. Just what happened on her hiatus? We do know she is no longer the rookie agent and her assertive attitude is prominent throughout the episode as she demands her team to stand down during a hostage negotiation.
But Annie is not so experienced she can’t be played and is baited into arresting a man who is brought to ‘secret’ Chicago quarters where he launches a bomb contained inside him.
Meanwhile Arthur must consider an offer to return to work and the motivation seems to be to provide a future for his child. Ironically, his work resulted in the death of his first son. Annie is earlier propositioned to work at this same security firm but instead may settle for a free dinner. Vowing to keep focus on work it doesn’t seem likely Annie will allow romance to become a distraction in the near future which doesn’t sound promising to her potential new suitor.
Annie says she is dedicated to the cause in bringing the killer(s) to justice and we can probably can believe her but there seems to be other wheels turning in her mind. We will have to stay tuned to find out just what those wheels are saying.