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Season 4 finale of "The Walking Dead" does not disappoint

The Walking Dead season four finale


The season four finale of "The Walking Dead" does not disappoint fans who have been waiting throughout the second half of the season for the cast to find each other since they were separated when the Governor and friends so viciously disrupted their lives at the prison. While not all of the former prison mates had been reunited in this episode, a good majority of them did manage to wind up together at Terminus.

This episode revealed a darker side to one of the show's heroes, Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) when faced with a threat to his son Carl (played by Chandler Riggs). With his own life being threatened by the "Claimed Gang" that had befriended Daryl, Rick saw no other choice but to bite the throat of Joe, the gang's alpha male. He then went on to stab Carl's attacker not once but multiple times. This was a different Rick than viewers had seen in recent episodes after being beaten within an inch of his life by the Governor. Rick had been quiet and reserved as he slowly regained his strength.

Fans of 'The Walking Dead' are grateful that most of the prison mates were reunited in Terminus, even though they are left with the worry as to what fate awaits Rick, Daryl, Carl, Michonne, and friends as they find themselves being held captive in a train car. A determined Rick leaves fans with a sense of reasurredness as he very matter of factly states, "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out they're screwin' with the wrong people."

To add to the angst of fans everywhere, the question of what had become of Beth was not addressed. There also lies the issue of Carol and Tyrese and if they ever made it to Terminus as well. The reunion of the prison family was a much needed gift to fans of 'The Walking Dead' as the second half of season four was much more nerve racking after the death of their beloved Herschel (played by Scott Wilson) during the prison takeover by the Governor in the final episode of the first half of the season.

Other questions are in the minds of viewers, such as when Daryl is reunited with Beth and Carol, which one is he going to kiss? Other fans are convinced that Rick and Michonne are going to be an item next season. Well, what ever the writers decide, one thing that fans can be sure of is that season five will answer their questions and give them a whole new season of 'what ifs' to ponder. Until next season, fans can visit the show's website at for episodes, games, blogs and much more.

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