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Sea Otter Classic

The Sea Otter Classic, a bike expo and series of races held in Monterey, CA.
The Sea Otter Classic, a bike expo and series of races held in Monterey, CA.Credit: Louie Traub

The Sea Otter Classic


The Sea Otter Classic wrapped up this weekend, and there was never a dull moment! For those of you who don’t know, the Sea Otter Classic is a cycling expo and series of races held annually in Monterey, CA (about an hour and a half south of San Jose). The expo was packed with cyclists, cycling enthusiasts, and families. Actually, there were more visiting on bikes than on foot!

Cyclists at the Sea Otter Classic
Cyclists at the Sea Otter ClassicCredit: Louie Traub

Even though the expo is definitely bike-oriented, it still appealed to non-cyclists (such as myself) as well. I was able to find items amongst all the bikes and bike accessories that I loved! Such products included the Ride by Side, which is a great device that allows any two bikes to be attached side by side as if you were riding in a surrey. Now, like a surrey, you can have the bikes locked in an upright position with the wheels moving in sync, but unlike a surrey, you have the option to unlock them so that the bikes can be manipulated independently. I definitely want to test this out! I also loved the other unique items such as the clothing line from Cogma Bikewear. Finally, function AND fashion!

There were also exciting races daily, including a 45 mile ride to and along the coast that consisted of 2,500 feet of climbing!

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