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SE Survival bottle review

SE 16 in one survival kit
SE 16 in one survival kit
Jeff Banke

SE 16 in one Survival Bottle


The SE survival bottle appears in a couple of different guise's however pretty much contains the same survival equipment. It can be found at mypatriotsupply , on eBay here or in a different guise on Amazon here, for around $20.

This Survival Bottle Kit touted as being great for Hiking, Camping, Survival Kits, Boating, Fishing, Emergencies and more. The contents all fit into the 27oz BPA-free bottle!

The Kit Includes:

Food-grade polycarbonate 800ml (27oz) water bottle with screw-top and tether ring. Size: 8" x 4
7 in 1 Compass (Storage Compartment, Thermometer in Fahrenheit, 5X Magnifier, Mirror for Signaling, White LED Light, Whistle, Compass), Magnesium Fire Starter, Expandable Towel....Just Add Water! (Expands to be 11.5"x23", Emergency Blanket (52"x82"), 5 in 1 Multi Function Knife (Nail File, Knife, Scissors, Tweezer, and Toothpick).

So just how good is this kit?

Well the bottle is pretty good quality, seals well and would hold cold drinks just fine. One possible improvement would be an sipping mouthpiece since it requires the removal of the top to access the liquid, not a big deal, but an area that would make it better.

The whistle/compass/thermometer/mirror/magnifying glass/LED light combination is fairly typical of these combinations, in that none of the various elements is outstanding, but each does its function. The LED light switch is a press on type, and as such is at risk of draining the battery (which requires a screwdriver to disassemble to get at), if it were crammed into a backpack in any other way rather than the bottle (which of course one would want to fill with liquid. The magnifying glass would be very useful to see a splinter or tick, etc., or possibly start a fire? The mirror is tiny (about 1 inch in diameter and located between the whistle and the other components). It does have a lanyard which allows it to be carried around the neck.

The survival blanket is of course one of the mylar space blanket type, being light weight and one assumes behaves like other mylar survival blankets in that they reflect about 80% of your body heat back to you.

If you are interested to know how space blankets work, check here

The knife/nail file/tooth pick/ scissors/tweezers multitool is of course a knock off of a typical Swiss Army knife, however is no where near the quality of a Swiss Army knife by Wenger or Victorinox. The scissors worked with difficulty on a finger nail, and the tweezers hard to remove. More on Swiss army knives here

The towel which is claimed to expand to 11.5 inches by 23" just by adding water is of course highly compressed, and when one adds water it does indeed expand to those dimensions. This was expected to be some flimsy thing that would fall apart, but was not, and may be the most impressive part of this kit.

Finally, the fire starter is of the typical flint and magnesium type, with a piece of a saw blade attached to ensure you have something to strike on the flint to create the spark. Like other vendors of this type of tool, the instructions are totally inadequate. This type of fire start works in the hands of an experienced outdoors survivalist with ease, however, in the experience of this writer who has conducted many survival classes, less experienced people struggle to get them to work. This is largely due to lack of knowledge and experience, once they have been trained in the implementation of this kind of fire starter they can then use them relatively easily.

So, in conclusion, is the kit worth the money?

Simply put, yes! Although you get what you pay for! Given the kit sells for around $20 you are getting around $20 of survival gear in a novel and convenient package. They have covered the essentials of fire starting in a couple of ways (Magnesium/flint tool and magnifying glass), signalling a couple of different ways (whistle and mirror), water container, space blanket, etc. For a beginning outdoor s person/hunter it is a starter kit, to which they can add other important items like tie wraps, duck tape, kotex, liquid iodine, tampons, cotton buds dipped in vaseline in small plastic bags, 6ft clear plastic bags, etc.

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