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Screaming Females Celebrate Live Record Release at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

The Screaming Females played the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Friday, May 15, 2014.
The Screaming Females played the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Friday, May 15, 2014.
Kate Spalla

Screaming Females at Brooklyn Night Bazaar


The Screaming Females wailed with a live set in the back of a Williamsburg warehouse behind earring fixtures and racks of baked goods on Friday night. The free affair, held at The Brooklyn Night Bazaar's weekly pop-up celebrated the band's first live record release for Live at The Hideout.

Among the throngs of biddies (Brooklyn Night Bazaar allows all ages, as long as those under 17 enter the venue with an adult), the band played a raucous, messy punk show. Lead singer Marissa Posternaster divulged in the crowd, calling one of the moshers with the least self control "awesome," before stepping into it herself mid guitar solo.

The Screaming Females' set paid less attention to the songs' melodies, rather favoring guitar solos that haven't been recorded. With Live at The Hideout, the record label's website says the band intends to show how its journey over more than 900 shows and five full-length records has evolved recordings into newer sounds.

The crowd favorite was "A New Kid" from 2010's Castle Talk. Some of the performances were barely distinguishable compared to live recordings at first, but that disparity shows the band's evolution and willingness to experiment.

At times, Posternaster's guitar technique is choppy. Still, she completely shreds and her live energy blows up the stage -- which at times was amusingly set with vintage clips of booty shaking street dancers next to skeletons.

Concertgoers who have never seen the Screaming Females are often surprised by Posternaster's mousy speaking voice and petite frame, wildly different from the impression you'd get just after hearing her play and sing. It's as if she takes the form of a blowfish, inflating to create this huge, intimidating presence when she's in the ring.

The Screaming Females will tour through mid-June to promote Live at the Hideout. Fans can purchase the recording from Don Giovanni's website.