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Scream Factory brings the terror from Beneath



While Shout Factory has been making their mark bringing the cult horror classics to Blu-ray through their Scream Factory brand, but not all of their releases are cult hits. They also continue to bring new horror moves to the masses as well with their latest taking on the creature feature with Beneath, but does it pack the terror of the deep that it hopes for or will it sink before it ever starts to swim?

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Shout Factory

Beneath follows six high school seniors celebrating with a day's excursion to the lake who find themselves on a rowboat attacked by man-eating fish and must decide who must be sacrificed as they fight their way back to shore. This is one of those films that will not resonate with too many people, but is a lot of fun. The story is pretty simple and doesn’t have too many twists and turns to try and over complicate it, but instead just sets it up and lets the mayhem ensue. Once it gets to the creature action it never lets up and pits the characters against each other when the fish is taking a break from its meal. The gore factor never gets too over the top but still manages to deliver enough blood to keep the horror fans content. The acting is decent with no one really stepping out of average, but still managing to do a good job. What really sells the film as a whole is the practical creature. There is no CG monster here, but instead an actual fully functional swimming man eating fish that is worth the entire film. It is rare that hardcore horror fans get the practical effects in this kind of movie these days so that aspect alone makes up for any other issue that may have been there. There is an aspect of the story that is hoping to add some mystery that doesn’t do much, but thankfully they kept it a mystery and didn’t try to create some silly explanation to it all.

There is a special feature showcasing them creating and shooting the fish in action that just elevates the overall experience. Make no mistake this film is a cheesy genre film and isn’t breaking any boundaries but is a lot of fun. Fans of classic practical horror will want to head in the water to check out Beneath when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on March 25th.

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