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Scream Factory brings the horror classic Witchboard to Blu ray



Shout Factory continues to step up their game with their Scream Factory brand releasing classic horror films to Blu-ray filled with special features and all-new art work. The latest to get the treatment is director Kevin Tenney’s 1986 cult hit Witchboard. This film spawned a couple of sequels, but as usual nothing has been able to top the original and now fans can bring it home to Blu-ray.

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Shout Factory

Witchboard follows a woman who is introduced to the Ouija board by friends at a party, but when they leave it behind she decides to use it alone and begins to be harassed by an evil spirit whose goal is to possess her so that he may walk the Earth again. Much like a lot of the films of this period this one brings the ultimate fun, cheese and horror front and center to deliver an entertaining film. The film starred White Snake vixen and actress Tawny Kitaen who does a decent job to bring the character to life with all the sex appeal as well as normality needed for this role. The story does a fine job to keep you guessing as to the bigger picture while keeping you busy with some decent kills while watching everything unfold. This film doesn’t sport as many bloody kills as some fans may want, but it is unnecessary for this story. While the look of the film is obviously dated the film still holds up mostly due to the never ending creep factor of the Ouija board.

This is another classic from Scream Factory that is sure to be a must have for fans of classic horror. In addition to the hi-def transfer of this classic horror hit this Blu-ray also includes commentaries, vintage making of featurette, trailers, TV and radio spots, still galleries and more. Prepare to speak to the spirits when Witchboard hits stores on February 4th.

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