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Scream Factory brings the horror classic Night of the Demons to Blu ray

Night of the Demons


Shout Factory continues to step up their game with their Scream Factory brand releasing classic horror films to Blu-ray filled with special features and all-new art work. The latest to get the treatment is director Kevin Tenney’s 1988 cult hit Night of the Demons. This film spawned a couple of sequels and a remake, but as usual nothing has been able to top the original and now fans can bring home the complete unrated version to Blu-ray.

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Shout Factory

Night of the Demons follows a group of teens who decide to have a party at an abandoned funeral parlor with a nasty history of a family being murdered. During the party the kids decide to have a séance that awakens a demon in the basement and begins to possess and kill everyone. If you have never seen this classic horror film you are truly missing out. This film is full of all the clichéd teen characters from the 80s teamed up with the required nudity and gore of the genre to create the perfect schlock horror. What makes this film stand out is that they really pushed the limits with some of the sequences including the famous lipstick scene that if you do not know about needs to be changed immediately. Most of the performances are way silly and over the top which makes it that much more entertaining and ridiculous. The old school make-up and special effects hold up well and look even better in hi-def making this already fun classic that much better.

While this is a horror film it packs enough funny moments and never takes itself all that seriously making one hell of a fun ride. In addition to the hi-def transfer of this classic horror hit this Blu-ray also includes commentaries, promo reels, trailers, TV and radio spots, still galleries and more. This is sure to be a must have for the hardcore horror gore hounds so be sure to grab your copy when it hits stores on February 4th.

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