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Scream Factory Brings Sci-Fi Horror Indie 'Dead Shadows' to Blu-ray

'Dead Shadows' Blu-ray


Scream Factory is branching out in a very big and positive way. Once known as the king of horror movie re-issues, they're starting to grab up some fine new material and broaden their horizons. If you count the Chiller Original Movies, then you know they've been heading this way for a while now. French sci-fi/ horror gem "Dead Shadows" can now be added to the list. Imagine "Night of the Comet" blended together with "The Thing" and you get an idea of what to expect from this creepy little flick.

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Scream Factory

Chris has been a recluse ever since seeing his parents die eleven years earlier on the eve of Halley's Comet's fly-over of the Earth. Deathly afraid of the dark, he keeps to himself and doesn't leave his flat very often. He decides to break his own rules to celebrate the appearance of another comet at a party with his beautiful neighbor. As the comet passes by our planet, the people around him become increasingly violent. He soon discovers there's more behind their erratic behavior than just a gravitational change or ingesting too much alcohol.

"Dead Shadows" is presented in 1080p High-Definition Widescreen (2.35:1). Most of the film takes place at night, but you can still see everything fairly well. The clarity of the picture does show some of the limitations in CGI, but it's not enough to be too distracting and pull you out of the film.

The audio for "Dead Shadows" features a DTS-HD Master 5.1 mix. All the freaky slithering sounds, screams, and other chilling atmospheric noises will give you the shivers. You'll find yourself looking over your shoulder for a tentacle or two trying to grab you.

"Dead Shadows" is considered to be not rated. If put before the MPAA, it would easily earn an R rating. There are plenty of gory and disturbing sequences of violence and alien transformations. I found myself even cringing at some points. The movie contains some sexual content and language as well.

As usual, Scream Factory packs the Blu-ray version of "Dead Shadows" full of bonus material. There's a "Making of" featurette and a video interview with Producer/Director David Cholewa. Theatrical and teaser trailers are included as well.

"Dead Shadows" is one of those great "straight-and-to-the-point" movies. It doesn't take thirty minutes of your valuable time gearing up and going through the motions. It establishes characters quickly and gets to the meat, potatoes, and gore. The movie is such a thrill-ride that when the credits roll you're left begging for more. That's how you know you've just seen something unique and different. How often are you left feeling like that these days?

"Dead Shadows" is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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