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Scream Factory brings Evilspeak to Blu-ray for the first time



The 80s was a great time for horror churning out some of the most bizarre entries into the genre. One of these took on technology and featured a young Clint Howard in 1981s Evilspeak. This strange classic is finally getting the Blu-ray treatment thanks to the Scream Factory who continues to bring the fans the cult hits they want.

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Evilspeak follows an orphaned clumsy military cadet who is completely outcast in the West Andover Academy. He is frequently abused and humiliated by four despicable mates, and has a bad treatment from his teachers, the coach, the colonel and even from the local reverend. When he finds a book of black mass that belonged to the evil medieval Father Esteban, he uses a computer to conjure Satan and revenge his harassers. Despite this movie being over 30 years old it still manages to be relevant in regards to the technology aspect. Sure its old school technology, but the use of it works to this day and is one that could sport a decent remake today. At the time of its release these technologies were still new so this film was no doubt doing something pretty out there and manages to deliver some fun. For the first half of the film it stumbles along more focused on the set up of everyone that picks on Clint Howard and at times takes a bit too long to get to the point, but does serve a bigger purpose. While it takes a bit of time to get to the meat of the horror aspect of this film the final sequence of the movie cuts loose and delivers all kinds of insane bloody fun complete with Clint Howard in full on crazy form. This sequence alone makes the entire film worth it just to see him letting loose inside the church like only he can.

In addition to this crazy horror classic, this Blu-ray features numerous special features including commentaries, interviews, and trailers that are sure to make this a must have for any horror fan.

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