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Scott Ian’s Speaking Words cracks up NYC

Scott Ian talking at BB Kings
Credits: Elliot Levin / New York Hard Rock Examiner

Scott Ian's Speaking Words tour


New York City’s most famous heavy metal guitarist came home last night, and brought almost three hours of hysterical stories and anecdotes about his life and the metal world to share with friends and fans at BB Kings in Times Square.

There’s been an air of mystery around Scott Ian’s spoken word tour, largely because he is discouraging videos and even pulling them down off YouTube when they surface - read my weekend interview with him for his explanation of why. But that didn’t stop a few hundred people from filling up BB Kings’ underground venue on Wednesday night, including well-known personalities like comedian Jim Breuer and former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano.

I’m deliberately refraining from sharing any of Scott’s stories here, because doing so would cheapen the impact of hearing them yourself, whether in person or on his upcoming DVD. But his smooth-flowing, perfectly delivered show included epic tales about rock royalty like Lemmy and Dimebag, lists of other musicians he’s commonly mistaken for, and even cracks about his Jewish heritage. From about 2 minutes in until his very last word, Scott had the crowd laughing, cheering and cringing as he reminded us all of the absurdities of the heavy metal world and its personalities.

He also opened the floor for a Q&A, answering questions about former Anthrax members, his favorite gigs, and even his preferred masturbatory comic book heroines. Speaking of comic books, scenes from his routine were projected onto screens in animated, comic book-style format, adding a nicely produced touch of imagery to the stories.

Even the most knowledgeable metal fans learned something new last night, and while a three hour lecture sounds long, the time flew by incredibly fast. The famously-bearded musician clearly has a knack for stand up and more than enough stories to share. And if you missed last night’s show for some reason, you can pre-order his DVD from Glasgow here.

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