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SckoonCup: The health and environmental benefits of using a menstrual cup



Have you ever considered the benefits of using a menstrual cup? Are you freaked out over the idea? Don't worry; many people are afraid to use a cup instead of disposable tampons and pads?

The SckoonCup will change your life!

Did you know that many people report less cramping and pain with their period when they use a menstrual cup? Also, some think that a cup will be messy and gross. When you pull out a menstrual cup like the SckoonCup, there is a very little chance that you will have anything spill out. In fact, many people feel that their cups are more sanitary and less messy than pads or tampons.

Menstrual cups have been on the market about a couple of decades, yet some of the cups that have been around for years, are also the most uncomfortable cups. One of the top complaints about menstrual cups is that they are too hard. Another complaint about certain older cup styles is that the stems of the cups are uncomfortable and poke.

Sckoon Organics, a successful organic baby clothing company, decided to introduce an advanced menstrual cup design suitable for almost all different body types. Sckoon spent 3 years in the research and development stage for the SckoonCup. In March 2013 they introduced the SckoonCup and it's grown quickly in popularity.

Not everyone has the same anatomy, which makes purchasing a menstrual cup a trial and error experience for some people. If you start with a SckoonCup you are more likely to have a successful experience and not have to look any further! SckoonCup is designed to be easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

If you're a tampon user you might want to reconsider what you are putting inside of you each month. If you're not using organic tampons, you are more than likely subjecting your body to carcinogens, genetically modified cotton, and dioxins released in the manufacturing process. Also, tampons can cause vaginal dryness, infections, and worse, TSS (toxic shock syndrome).

If you are someone that is conscious about your carbon footprint you will be saving the environment if you stop using disposable pads. The average pad (not 100% cotton pads), use as many as 3 plastic grocery size bags per pad. If you like pads, you should try Sckoon organic pads, which are washable and reusable. Some cup users with a heavy flow will use the Sckoon organic pads along with their SckoonCup for overnight use. Not only are you doing something healthy for yourself and the environment when purchasing a cup, you are also helping your wallet by saving money monthly!

SckoonCup is coming up on their 1 year anniversary and already the SckoonCup has the best reviews on Take a look for yourself, the reviews are awesome! Not only will the SckoonCup change your life on a monthly basis, but the cup comes in really pretty colors! Choose from an assortment of colors that will brighten up your day.

Once you become a huge fan of the SckoonCup you can actually make money and give your friends a discount! Check out the Green Ambassador program from SckoonCup. Sign up for free. Tell your friends about the benefits of using a menstrual cup. When they purchase their own SckoonCup, you earn a commission or credit towards Sckoon products, plus your friends get a 10% discount!

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