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Scion tC is a Tidy Coupe with Civilized Manners.

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2013 Scion tC


The Scion tC coupe may not be the most popular vehicle from this off-shoot branch of Toyota, but it offers a sporty ride and a bit of fun for those who want just a slightly off-beat mode of transportation.

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The Scion brand has gotten its reputation of being a bit off-center and just a little quirky by being, well, just a little off-beat and quirky. However, the tC is less so and more mainstream than owners may wish to think.

The tC isn’t so stiffly sprung that it rattles your teeth nor does it have an obnoxious engine exhaust noise. The tC surprisingly has a suspension system that provides a comfortable ride when appropriate while it can provide some sporty fun driving on curvy roads.

The interior is more common place than one might think, while having just the touch of contemporary design. The front seats are supportive and slightly bolstered yet are not cramped and overly snug. Even for this over six foot driver there was plenty of head room, thanks to the height-adjustable driver’s seat. However, I would not be wearing my Stetson. Driver’s comfort is expanded with the tilt and telescoping leather wrapped steering wheel. Which, by the way, has a racecar-like flat bottom seen on more expensive luxury sports sedans.

Though there is a rear seat and one that an adult might occupy, I suggest keeping it for younger sorts or limit the time you subject a grow person to experience. Getting to and fro your local favorite watering hope might be the limit. (Our public service announcement inserted here. Don’t drink and drive.)

Carrying your stuff will not be much of a problem, depending on your stuff. The rear storage under the hatch will accommodate just short of 15 cu ft. of bits and pieces. However, fold the rear seat backs forward and this expands to nearly 35 cu ft of cargo room.

The Scion tC is a front-wheel drive car so expect a bit of torque steer on heavy acceleration from a stop. But, only a slight pull on the wheel is noticed so if you are expecting it you will have no problem with keeping your tC on the straight and narrow.

Powering the tC is a, well utilized by Toyota, 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that produces a respectable 180 horsepower and 183 lb-ft. of torque. Either a base 6-speed manual or an extra cost 6-speed automatic transmission is available to get the power to the street.

Though the Scion tC fuel economy numbers are good ranging from 23 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway these are not the highest numbers for vehicles in this category. But, as I have said many times fuel economy numbers are not the highest priority for the majority of car buyers.

The emotional factor is still the number one reason potential buyers are attracted to vehicles. As the buying process percolates along other factors come into play prior to the purchase. Features such as fuel economy, reliability, safety and affordability, all those practical categories are considered. The Scion tC is capable of registering high for buyers on both the practicality and the emotional scale.