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Sci-fi thriller 'The Tesla Gate' will be released in July

The Tesla Gate


John D. Mimms’ sci-fi/ paranormal novel The Tesla Gate, due out July 10, 2014, strikes an emotional chord with the story of departed individuals coming back to life to be with their loved ones, only to become targets of opportunists and hunted down by the government.

Thomas Pendleton is a loving husband and father who is devastated when his wife and six-year-old son die in a car crash. Inconsolable, Thomas isolates himself from the world to grieve alone when something miraculous occurs. A mysterious cosmic storm enters Earth’s atmosphere and brings with it the visible spirits of deceased individuals who have not chosen to cross over. Not only can humans see these people, known as impalpables, but they are able to interact with them. Thomas’s son Seth is among them.

Despite the fact that his wife Ann does not return, Thomas is overjoyed at the opportunity to be with his son again. But Thomas’s plans to spend quality time with Seth are ruined when armed kidnappers wanting to use Seth for his supernatural abilities seek them out en route to Washington D.C.’s Air and Space Museum.

To add to their problems, the government becomes involved, as a result of overpopulation caused by the impalpables. The government’s solution is to use a machine developed by military scientists called the Tesla Gate which is intended to take the impalpables back to where they were before the cosmic storm. No one can be sure of exactly what will happen when the Tesla Gate is used, but it has been dubbed “the shredder” because some believe it could actually shred the impalpables and destroy their souls.

Now that Seth has been returned to him, there’s no way that Thomas is going to let him go. He is resolute in his efforts to save his son from the shredder, doing everything in his power to keep the boy safe.

Entertaining as well as poignant, this book is extremely imaginative in its basic premise as well as the many colorful and emotionally compelling events that take place. This concept lends itself to countless possibilities, and the author uses the resurrection following the storm to explore some fascinating ideas. At one point the characters even encounter Abraham Lincoln.

Highly praised by major publications, The Tesla Gate is the first book in Mimms’ forthcoming trilogy. The Arkansas author is also an accomplished paranormal researcher.