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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Turchi (Can't Bury Your Past)

Can't Bury Your Past


Reed Turchi is one prolific artist. This is the fourth Turchi album I've received in the last two years, and I only see improvement the more I hear from him.

Can't Bury Your Past will be available on 22 April
Devil Down Records

The album begins with a song called "Take Me Back Home." The slow groove of this song makes you wish you had a cold beer in your hand because it would be the perfect accompaniment to this song. Reed Turchi has a short solo in this song that borders on psychedelic and shows his skill as a slide guitarist.

An interesting twist on this album is the saxophone of Art Edmaiston - particularly in "Burning in Your Eyes." The best way I can think to describe this song is that it sounds like what would have happened if Mark Sandman of Morphine sat in with a hill-country blues band.

It's not easy to pick a favorite song on an album this good, but I'd have to pick "Lightning Skies" if you asked me which song is my favorite. The slide guitar in this song is amazing while the chugging rhythm drives the song at a pace that is sure to get your head moving and your foot tapping.

This is a very good album. If you like bands like North Mississippi Allstars, this album will fit right into your collection. Can't Bury Your Past will be available on 22 April.

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