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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: The Socks

The Socks


I'm not going to lie to you, loyal reader. It's generally a pretty big deal for me when a new release from Small Stone Records shows up in my inbox. Say what you want about the name of this band (it is pretty generic), but this album lived up to the expectations I had as soon as I saw a new album from Small Stone.

The self-titled debut from The Socks will be available 18 March
courtesy of Small Stone Recordings

The album kicks off with "Lords of Illusion." This is a psychedelic aural feast. The beat will get you nodding your head and the melody will remind you of bands from the early 70s that knew how to throw a little freakout into their rock songs. With about two minutes left in the song, it erupts into a crescendo that pretty much grabs you by the earhole and smacks you around. It's a great attention grabber and an excellent way to kick off the album.

If anything, the opener is followed by a song that has an even more furious energy. The sound is similar to The Blue Van: healthy doses of garage rock and psychedelia. This one also builds to a crescendo that makes you wonder why so many bands waste their time singing about feelings when they could be rocking out like The Socks. And make no mistake: from the first notes to the last, this band rocks out with a sound that's a little Sabbath, a lot garage, and all loud.

Let's get one thing straight. This album is not for the faint of heart...or for those who actually care about the Grammys. This is proof that rock ain't dead, baby! Not by a long shot. And if anyone tells you it is, spring this album on the person. If anyone can listen to this album and still say that rock is dead, that person is a soulless automaton and you should probably notify the Men in Black that you have someone for them to round up.

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