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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Max and the Moon (Crazy EP)



Max and the Moon is a four-piece band from L.A. and while I like receiving music from just about anywhere, I like to go local when I can. So when I received a message about a new EP from the band, I felt compelled to put it in the spotlight.

Crazy is available now
Max and the Moon

This EP begins with the title track. The beat and the falsetto vocals at the beginning of the song and in the chorus remind me a lot of "Gold on the Ceiling." The guitar is pretty clean, but it's distorted enough to give the song a little fuzz. Overall, this is a song that is best described as radio-ready.

Radio-ready is actually a good term to describe this entire four-song EP. The melodies feature layers of sound, including some really good backing vocals and the beat is catchy enough to get your head moving. I once heard Noel Gallagher say - when asked about "Wonderwall" - "It's just a beautiful fookin' song." Whether you choose to throw in the curse word or not, you could easily say the same thing about "Mexico" on this EP. It's a well-crafted song with a pretty melody and a good story.

This is a really short EP, but the four songs are all very well done and very clean. If you like radio-ready pop-rock, check out the new EP from Max and The Moon.

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