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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Josh Hoyer and The Shadowboxers

Josh Hoyer and The Shadowboxers


I receive a lot of music both in my email inbox and my PO box. Some of the albums I receive are a complete revelation. The self-titled album from Josh Hoyer and The Shadowboxers is a great example of this. I had not heard of this band prior to receiving the album, but I thought it a good indicator when I removed the CD from the jewel case and saw SOUL! in 144-point font on the inside cover of the jewel case.

The self-titled album is available now.
Chip Duden

Soul means different things to different folks, but Josh Hoyer's brand of soul is steeped in the music of Otis Redding and other classic soul artists. When I heard "Illusion," only one artist popped into my head: Dr. John. Hoyer not only sounds like Dr. John in the vocals on this song. He also reminds me of Dr. John because this is a politically outspoken song. Hoyer sings that donkeys and elephants are all in bed with the lobbyists. In the chorus, he sings, "What it is / What you see / It's not the same thing." Amen to that. I don't know about you, but I always think it's nice to hear someone sing what so many of us think.

If you want a great example of the old-time feel of this album, check out "Everyday and Everynight." With the horns and the rhythm, this is a song that straddles the line between soul and blues. This song reminds me a lot of Orange County's own Harlis Sweetwater Band. "'Til She's Lovin' Someone Else" is another great tune that sounds older than it is. It's easy to imagine the Blues Brothers (or a band dressed just like them) performing this song.

If you're a fan of soul and blues, you will love this album...and you'll probably find it incredibly easy to work up a sweat dancing to it. The self-titled album from Josh Hoyer and The Shadowboxers is available now.

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