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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Horror Deluxe

Bikini E Coturno


You know how sometimes you discover a band and you want to hear everything that band has to offer? That is what happened with me and Horror Deluxe. I don't even really recall how I encountered this Brazilian duo (although I think it was a Garage Punk Hideout compilation), but the one thing I know is that I couldn't get enough. Frankly, I still can't. This band is the epitome of raw rock n roll. If you want a good example of this, check out "Destino Venus". This song features a primitive drum beat, some super-fuzzy distorted guitar, and vocals that sound like they were recorded in someone's basement on a microphone wrapped in duct tape. And that is exactly the charm of Horror Deluxe. This band takes sounds that can only be classified as primitive and makes rock n roll gems with them. "Cicatriz" is another great example. This song would be perfect in the soundtrack of a B horror movie.

This Brazilian duo plays great primitive rock n roll
Horror Deluxe

Horror Deluxe does something different on this album than it has in the past. Namely, it incorporates some oldies songs like "Hanky Panky" and "Summertime Blues". I'll tell you one thing for certain: you've never heard those to classic songs performed quite like this. You definitely won't mistake this version of "Summerime Blues" for Eddy Cochran. Bikini E Coturno is available now on Soundcloud, and the only thing wrong with this album is that it's not long enough. If you like your rock n roll primitive, you'll love Horror Deluxe.