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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Greenleaf

Trails and Passes


I'll be honest, loyal reader. I'm usually pretty excited to receive a new release from Small Stone. This Detroit label specializes in guitar-oriented groove rock that is in all likelihood greatly influenced by Black Sabbath. Greenleaf does not disappoint.

Trails and Passes
courtesy of Small Stone Recordings

The second song "Oceans Deep" is a great example of the sound you can expect from Small Stone. The bass works a pretty good groove throughout the song while the guitar on a couple different occasions rises to a level that gets you pumping your fist and banging your head. That builds into a shredding guitar part that is backed by a seriously groovy rhythm. If this song doesn't get some part of you moving, I think very little will.

That song is a good example of what you can expect throughout this album. You could literally start listening to this album with any of the nine songs and you'd hear a rumbling, groovy bass line behind a a loud and sometimes furious guitar part. And don't infer from that statement that every song sounds the same. It doesn't. The band just rocks with a fairly consistent formula.

While the album largely falls into the groove rock category, "With Eyes Wide Open" has the similar groovy bass line as the rest of the album, but the guitar and vocals provide a serious psychedelic facet to the song. This song also builds to a volume and tempo that makes you want to put the pedal to the floor and pump your fist as you drive on an open highway (something that can only be had in the wee hours of the morning in southern California). It finishes with a riff and a volume that just might make you want to smash something. Not that I advocate smashing something, but at the very least this is a good song to play before participating in an athletic event or working out.

Small Stone has once again satisfied my inner rocker. This is an amazing album that is heavy and loud. If your neighbors already dislike you, play this album for them as loud as you can, and they probably won't like you any more for it. But hey, at least you'll satisfy your inner rocker.

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