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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Drivin n Cryin

Songs for the Turntable


There's just something about hearing a new album that you haven't heard in a long time. Sure, you get the nostalgia thinking back to the first time you heard the band. But you also get that reminder of how good the band is and why you liked the band in the first place. I was more than a little excited when I heard that Drivin n Cryin has a new EP out, and it didn't take long for me to remember what I thought was so great about this band

Songs for the Turntable is available now

This EP kicks off with "Turn," and it immediately takes me back to all the things I remember being great about this band. First of all, the sound is really clean. That applies to the overall sound of the band, but specifically to the tone of the guitar, which is just about perfect. Add Kevin Kinney's vocals to that clean sound, and what you have is a great roots rock song.

"Roll Away the Song" has a distinct 60s/70s feel to it. A times, it reminds me of The Byrds. At other times, it reminds me of Neil Young. The melody has the same jangly harmony you'd expect from The Byrds while the guitar brings Neil Young to mind.

"Love is the World" is a song that I can only describe as beautiful. It's a great melody with amazing harmony vocals and an orchestral chorus. Seriously, I had to listen to this song a couple times because it's that good.

This EP is only five songs, but then this is the fourth in a series of new EPs. And these are five really good songs. If you feel like you want more after listening to this, then go out and get the three preceding EPs. That will give you more than enough Drivin n Cryin to satisfy you.

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