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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Bad Brad and The Fat Cats

Take a Walk with Me


Some guys just know how to grab a listener's attention. Take a Walk with Me opens with a riff that brings Hound Dog Taylor to mind, but cleaner. Then comes Bad Brad's voice, and you realize, "Man, this cat can sing the blues!" He sings with a voice that was made for the blues. Oh, and he can pick a pretty mean guitar too. Don't be surprised if you find you stomping your foot in time with this song. Speaking of his voice, if you need a good example of shoutin' the blues, check out "Leghound". Not only is this a good example of shoutin' the blues, it's also a good example of the classic blues theme of appreciating a woman's legs.

Take a Walk with Me is available now
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"Ego Trip" shows another influence on Bad Brad: ZZ Top. The guitar riff in this song is right out of the Billy Gibbons songbook. That being said, this song - especially with the harmonica - is more of a straight blues song than the blues-rock of ZZ Top. Nic Clark shows off some pretty impressive chops on the harmonica on this tune - something that will always be welcome with me.

This album is full of good songs, but one that really catches my attention is "Lucky Man". In fact, this would probably catch the attention of every guy that listens to it because it describes every guy's dream. In this song, Bad Brad sings about how his old lady finally got a job and now he can be a slob because she brings home the bacon. I'd say he's a lucky man indeed.

Bad Brad and The Fat Cats certainly know their stuff and they show it off pretty well with these 13 songs. If you like the blues at all, you will really enjoy this album.