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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Analog Son

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Analog Son


One of the great rewards of being a music writer is the fact that sometimes I don't even have to seek out music because it gets sent to me. I received a message about Analog Son because in writing about funk, I have referred to some bands or albums as "baby-making music." The person writing on behalf of this band said she believes Analog Son falls into that category. And you know something? She's right.

The album kicks off with the instrumental song "The Proffesor", a song reminiscent of Lettuce that will immediately get you moving your backside. Seriously, if you can keep still during this song - with the funky rhythm and the amazing organ - you should probably get a job as a live mannequin. The song is almost six minutes long, and is a good beginning for a cardio workout.

While a lot of the album is instrumental, there are vocals in some of the songs. And let me tell you, if you like soulful female vocals you will love these tunes. "She's Something" is a slow, grooving tune that definitely fits into the category of baby-making music. What can I tell you? Some songs just make you feel something below the waist. This is one of those songs.

Another song with vocals shows that the band can target the brain as well as the hips. "The Game" is about the classic theme of trying to fight those in power who seem to make up all the rules of the game that a lot of us aren't even aware we're playing. Those in power get smacked down in the lyrics because all they want is "sex, power, money, and fame." Like Funkadelic, this song gets you to think while you're grooving.

If you like funk bands like Lettuce, you will love Analog Son. This is music to blare from your deck or patio on a hot summer day while you sip on your favorite beverage. Just make sure you have plenty of space when you listen because you'll want to dance.


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