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SchoolBoy Q debuts 'What They Want' music video with 2Chainz

SchoolBoy Q's "What They Want" video Ft. 2chainz


Rapper SchoolBoy Q debuted his eerie music video on Mar. 6 for the single "What They Want" ft. 2Chainz off of his newly released album Oxymoron.

hoolBoy Q debuts 'What They Want' music video Ft. 2chainz
Courtesy of Spin

The Compton rapper, whose music resembles best friend and label mate Kendrick Lamar, kept his video just like his daily appearance, dirty.

Like Lamar, Q certainly does not give a you-know-what appearance wise, as he allows his music to speak for itself and his fans to fight for him via album sales.

The video is filled with Q's famous bucket hats, and of course, his dark shades as he trolls an isolated graveyard full of weeds in a dingy fatigue jacket and a scraggly, long beard.

Covered in tattoos, Q raps from an abandoned white church in a cemetery with decaying pillars and wooden benches with skull masked men who are similar to his masked album cover.

Alongside 2Chainz, the 27-year-old "Hands On The Wheel" rapper chain smokes cigarettes and recites "What they need" in front off "She She's" strip club where the two throw money at strippers and play off of each other lyrically.

How Q went from a graveyard to a strip club, I don't know, but the constant drug references may be the reason.

Check out the video.

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