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Scarlet Johansson has unlocked 100% use of her mind in Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’



After she stepped on the screen as the Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it was only a matter of time before Scarlett Johansson would get her chance to be an action heroine in another film. Now she has teamed up with action director extraordinaire Luc Besson for the sci-fi action film Lucy alongside Morgan Freeman. The trailers looked a bit out there, but does it have the usual Besson style to deliver another great entry into his filmography and cement Johansson as an action star or is it more than the mind can handle?

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Lucy follows a young woman tricked into delivering a mysterious briefcase, but is immediately caught up in a nightmarish deal where she is captured and turned into a drug mule for a new and powerful synthetic drug. When the bag she is carrying inside of her stomach leaks, her body undergoes unimaginable changes that unlocks her mind's full potential 100%. With her new-found powers, she turns into a merciless warrior intent on getting back at her captors. Before ever stepping into this movie you have to understand that it is a piece of science fiction and not science fact. People like to complain about films like this not being believable, but it is just as believable as any of the comic films out there these days. The story here works great for the direction they are going and kicks things into high gear pretty fast. Johansson does a good job here with the character who quickly goes form terror to emotionless in the blink of an eye. The reasoning behind the circumstances is of course farfetched, but that is why its science fiction. Freeman doesn’t do anything all that special here except just be the Morgan Freeman we all love and helps to bring it all together nicely serving as the piece that keeps the audience understanding what is happening to Johansson. There is plenty of action here, but never as over the top as Besson’s normal films, but still works well for the story they are telling. The sci-fi element is amped up pretty heavy in the last half of the film taking it into some pretty unexpected directions.

The trailer doesn’t necessarily do it justice in regards to the final outcome which is both good and bad. This strange ending is the one aspect that will likely be met with mixed results. On one side it is way out there, but on the other side this is a sci-fi film and with everything that has happened prior it actually fits right in. Lucy does just what it set out to do and if you can open up your mind like they do in the movie then you will likely enjoy yourself, but if you are just looking for a straight up action flick you will be sorely disappointed.