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'Scandal': Will Olivia find her way back to Fitz?

Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington play Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope on ABC's 'Scandal.'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

'Scandal' Season 3 Finale Air Date April 17, 2014


The “Scandal” season three finale aired on April 17 and true-to-form, the lives of tortured fan favorite couple Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) are once again turned upside down. In fact, by the end of the explosive hour, Gladiators are left wondering if all hope is finally gone for the would-be soul mates who are pulled apart now by the toughest circumstances of all: Fitz finds out about Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) rape and their son Jerry is murdered.

Will these tragic events draw Fitz and Mellie back together? Under normal circumstances we’d say not a chance! But, to make matters worse, Olivia literally walks out of OPA and her life in D.C. and boards a plane in hopes of starting a new life standing in the sun with Jake (Scott Foley). Are Fitz and Olivia eternally doomed? Or, is there still a small chance they can one day find happily ever after?

Will the Real Monster Please Stand Up?

We’ve seen an almost human side of Rowan (Joe Morton) this season. He’s been almost kind to his daughter. Sadly, it’s now obvious Olivia was used as a pawn to further his own agenda to get Fitz to feel indebted to him; enough, in fact, to persuade him to reinstate him as B613 Command.

Who else feels an enormous wave of pity for Olivia? Her mother (supposedly) blows up a church to elevate Sally Langston (Kate Burton) to hero status, so that she’ll win the election which will allow Fitz to be “free” to divorce Mellie and marry Olivia. Talk about a twisted sense of motherly love and loyalty.

Rowan fingers Maya for Jerry’s death and promises to serve her head on a platter to Fitz. Sounds great until we find out Rowan orders Tom (Brian Letscher) to infect Jerry with meningitis so he can falsely accuse his ex-wife and get Fitz re-elected. The re-election essentially renders Fitz unable to be with Olivia, which thrills a bitter Rowan. Plus, instead of killing Maya he throws her in the hole. Shudder.

Both of Olivia’s parents are totally twisted. It’s impossible to say which one is a bigger monster. And, it’s really sad Olivia was so easily swayed into trusting her father. He obviously remains a totally cold-hearted and ruthless man.

What about poor Tom? How terrible is it that child-killer is now on his professional resume? Is Tom totally stuck down the rabbit hole? Or, is there a chance for his redemption?

Joe Morton continues to shine in his role as one of the biggest villains on television. Rowan is cunning and cool and eternally self-serving and ruthless. In many ways, it’s wonderful to imagine Olivia and Jake starting a carefree life in the tropics somewhere. Sadly, she should remain as far away from her evil parents as possible. But, Olivia Pope won’t stay down for long. It just wouldn’t make historical sense.

Reunited for the Wrong Reasons

Fitz is mortified when he finds out Mellie was raped by his father. It takes a lot of courage for Olivia to tell him the truth and also tell him he simply can’t abandon his wife now. Fitz is gentle and kind to Mellie, in a way we haven’t ever seen and Jerry’s sudden death binds them in yet another unspeakable tragedy.

Is this the beginning of a Fitz and Mellie reunion? The sad thing is, they never really loved each other to begin with and if they get closer now, it’ll be for all the wrong reasons.

Bellamy Young is such a brilliant actress. We’ve seen so many layers inside Mellie’s ultra-dark persona. No matter how scheming and selfish she is, being raped by her father-in-law and losing her child are two terrors no woman should ever endure.

It’s truly terrible when Fitz sinks to his knees, totally broken in the middle of the Oval Office. His re-election has come at an unimaginable price. He’s lost his son and any chance at happiness with the woman he loves.

Tony Goldwyn is a master at portraying Fitz’s sheer agony and angst. The torture and pain is etched all over his face. How is he going to live? How is he going to cope? Will Fitz be driven over an edge into total darkness? Will any light in his soul be shut out by the cold reality of all he has lost in the pursuit of presidential power?

Standing in the Sun

Kerry Washington rocks this entire episode as Olivia is faced with a barrage of problems and emotions. It’s totally shocking to watch Olivia walk away from her friends and everything she’s built at OPA. Who can blame her, though? How much tragedy and loss can one person take? Remember when she laughed hysterically with Cyrus (Jeff Perry) over the fact that everyone she knows is a murderer?

Yes, we want Olivia to be with Fitz! But, she flies away to “stand in the sun” with Jake. In a way, we’re happy she’s not alone. We’re happy a big strong (and handsome) guy like Jake can protect her if necessary. Maybe they will live happily ever after. Or, maybe not.

Olivia has a wistful look on her face after refusing to answer her cell for the “White House.” She has never been able to free herself from loving Fitz. She even admits to Jake before agreeing to take him with her, she’s in love with another man.

Here’s a question: Is Jake going with Olivia to babysit her under orders from B613? It’s been said more than once that agents can never truly get out. It’s sort of like the Eagles’ song, “Hotel California.” “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Maybe Jake is simply “keeping tabs” on Olivia. Although, it seems like he truly loves her. Then again, he shot three people down in cold blood including James (Dan Bucatinsky). Sniff, sniff. Is Jake even capable of loving anyone?

Jake seems more redeemable than Rowan. But, he continues to be shrouded in some mystery. He has no family and Olivia seems to be his only emotional connection. Can he truly find the light and bask in it?

Gladiators are undoubtedly chomping at the bit wondering if Olivia will find a way back to the love of her life. Or, will Olivia cut Fitz out of her heart once and for all? Messages of love and support from fans continue to stream in on the show's Facebook page.

The questions are many and the “Scandalous” answers remain to be seen. It’s going to be a long summer and it will undoubtedly prove to be hard to cope without Pope. Gladiators are loyal, strong and massive in number. While sweating it out is tedious to say the least, the “Scandal” fall premiere will be well worth the wait.

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