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'Scandal': Did Olivia seal a deadly fate for Fitz?

Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope on ABC's 'Scandal.'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

'Scandal' Episode 3.16 'The Fluffer' Air Date April 3, 2014


Another heart-pounding, breath-stealing episode of “Scandal” aired on April 3 and it looks like Gladiators at large are going to be sweating all the way through to next week’s penultimate episode which precedes the April 17 season three finale.

Warning! Spoilers abound from here. Read at your own risk!

Let’s cut quickly to the chase: Olivia (Kerry Washington) plays Jake (Scott Foley) in order to get access to B613’s network and she orders Huck (Guillermo Diaz) to take it out with a few keystrokes. Meanwhile, Mama Pope has just secured a large bomb that she intends to use at the White House or on the campaign trail. Jake is trying to glean her intentions when everything goes black for B613. In the trademark last final seconds of the episode, Jake busts into OPA, throws Olivia against the wall in a neck hold and asks her what she did. She plays dumb and he tells her, “You just killed the President.”

Say it together now: O.M.G.!

We have to echo Jake’s question: Olivia, what have you done? Did you just seal a deadly fate for Fitz aka POTUS aka the love of your life?

Lover’s Quarrel Rages On

First of all, Olivia and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) are still fighting. Liv doesn’t know what to make of his jealousy of Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Andrew’s (Jon Tenney) relationship. What’s more, Fitz is upset with Liv for being upset with him.

Olivia seems to have a whole new self-preservation fire burning inside, despite her obvious love for a man she should by all accounts, never even have considered getting emotionally and physically involved with. She asks Fitz what he needs and when he balks at answering, she promptly tells him she doesn’t want to be his “fluffer.”

You go, Girl! Fitz is somewhat stunned by her attitude and when she pushes him to finally admit what he needs is for Andrew to stop sleeping with Mellie, she tells him she’ll handle it. When he tries to take her hand as she starts to leave, she shrugs it off.

Uh oh. Looks like trouble in paradise with no easy or immediate fix in sight.

Part of what makes Olivia and Fitz such a compelling couple is the thin line they walk between love and hate. They are just as passionate in their fights as they are in their lovemaking and it’s so “scandalicious” to watch them stir each other up the way that only they can. And, of course, Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington are also masters at making every sort of emotion oh-so-real! So, we're hopelessly invested, whether we should be or not.

Which Killer Knows Best?

Poor Olivia. A simple family dinner turns potentially deadly when Maya suddenly appears at Olivia’s meeting with her father and warns her daughter to stop digging into what she’s doing.

Rowan and Maya go for knives at the same and Olivia has to sit by and watch her parents threaten to kill each other before her eyes. While Rowan seems to be working with Liv and feeding her information, we still don’t trust him and frankly, Olivia should run away as fast as she can with both of her parents.

How, may we ask, did Olivia get any “good” “white hat” instincts at all?

Deadly Decision

We can’t help but feel sorry for drunken Jake as he knocks on Liv’s door late at night and asks her to let him in. She refuses; only to later be told by Huck she needs to do whatever it takes to get B613 codes from Jake’s phone so he can hack into the lethal organization’s network.

Olivia does the dirty deed, even though we can tell she is truly enjoying herself. Who wouldn’t with a hunk like Jake?

Speaking of Jake, Scott Foley arguably portrays one of the most intriguing and complex characters on "Scandal" as we get a glimpse of Jake's heart and the kind of man he could be with Olivia, and yet watch him be so cold and calculating with victims like James. It’s ultimately heartbreaking to hear him tell Olivia, “I asked you to save me and you said no.”

How terrible! Jake has no one and nothing to strive for. It’s a complete testament to Scott Foley’s superb acting skills as we continue to wonder if we should love Jake Ballard or loathe him. Is he worth saving or is he ultimately placing Olivia in grave danger? His true intentions remain to be seen.

Huck ultimately succeeds in Olivia's mission. He hacks into the B613 network just as Jake is watching Maya fawn over a mega-bomb that was delivered beneath a bouquet of flowers. She’s either going to use it at The White House or a campaign location.

Olivia orders Huck to take B613 down and wallah – with a few quick keystrokes, all of B613's surveillance equipment and communications go dark.

A furious Jake busts into OPA and slams Olivia up against a wall demanding answers. She plays dumb. He then informs her, “You just killed the President.”

Has Olivia basically given Fitz the kiss of death by taking B613’s network down?

There are only two episodes left until what promises to be an explosive season three finale in every sense of the word. According to a preview video clip posted on “Scandal’s” website, season three “goes out with a bomb.”

While it doesn’t seem likely Fitz/Tony Goldwyn would be taken out of Olivia’s life and out of a leading role, chances are someone is going to pay a terrible price for Olivia’s actions. Who will it be?

Mellie? Andrew? Cyrus?

We were just starting to breathe a little following James’ tragic death. Now, it appears we’re holding it again while also involuntarily cringing at the terror that may rain down on the Fitz administration in the two remaining episodes of what has shaped up to be a fabulous thrill ride for season three.

“Scandal” airs in Flint on WJRT ABC12 on Thursdays at 10 pm ET.

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