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SBTRKT and Sampha release "Temporary View"

"Temporary View" by SBTRKT ft. Sampha


In an electronic music scene where artists are constantly trying to diversify themselves to avoid being labeled as mainstream and, at worst, mediocre, SBTRKT once again defies expectations with the release of the track "Temporary View," featuring his often-collaborating partner, vocalist Sampha.

SBTRKT, a project began by London-based producer Aaron Jerome, has been receiving international acclaim since 2009 for releases like the self-titled album SBTRKT and for the EP Transitions, both released by Young Turks Records. What has allowed SBTRKT's work to evolve while maintaining a fiercely loyal fanbase is Jerome's collaborations with soulful, compelling vocalists like Jessie Ware and Sampha layered with very diverse, unique electronic tracks.

"Temporary View" is a perfect example of Jerome's skill as a producer as well as a collaborator. The track begins with a nice synthesized intro, leading into Sampha's distinctive voice and a series of compelling lyrics like "I see the rainbow and the darkness at the same time/I guess that's what you call this life," feeding into a thoughtful, profound chorus, unlike much of what is being released in the electronic music genre. "Temporary View" has crisp production, each beat polished and placed with intention. The song's conclusion brings the energy of the song down from the explosive chorus into a more chill vibe, truly taking the listener on a journey through a lush, constantly evolving soundscape.

Listeners can find "Temporary View" on SBTRKT's soundcloud and can connect with SBTRKT on Facebook and Twitter.